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Tara has been training her own horses for shows and clients since a very young age. Each year she starts 2 year olds and gets them trained and show ready to successfully compete at fall futurities. Tara herself will not be training as much anymore however, on staff is long time rider Tasha Fast who works side by side Tara to continue offering training.

Whether you want a horse trained for show, English or Western, or just as a companion to pleasure ride, we can get that done for you! Depending on your budget, we can work a horse 1-5 days a week. Horses are taught:

  • Ground manners
  • How to stand quietly while tied
  • How to lift their feet for cleaning hooves
  • Acceptance of tractors, dogs, noises, ropes, traffic, etc.
  • How to respond to light rider cues for various gaits, lateral movements, transitions, the back up and neck rein.
  • Balance and Rhythm

Price is $25/ride or working session which works out to $500/month for five sessions for each of the four weeks in a month.