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Tara Reimer and her staff offer mental health therapy and team discovery sessions. We do mostly groundwork with some riding when deemed necessary. It is client based believing the solution lies within the client and it is about experiential learning. A strong code of ethics is kept to. Contact us for more information. For a full media kit including the speech Tara gave to Legislature in 2017 in support of Bill 201: Service and Therapy Animal Day, contact Tara.

We offer Recovery on Cloud 9 to facilitate the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program using a team - the horse, a Mental Health Practitioner and an Equine Specialist. Tara is the Equine Specialist while various Mental Health Practitioners are used depending on the client. 

We are now offering Equine Assisted Learning with just an Equine Specialist for the sole purpose of having a more affordable option for those wanting to experience the benefits that horses provide, within the general framework of EAP but without the expertise of a MHP. Hourly rate is $63 plus gst which is $66.15.

Discovery on Cloud 9 is the Team Building/Discovery program that helps a group of people whether as a family, team or working group.

The horse does the teaching while we facilitate. After working with horses my entire life I am seeing horses in yet a new way. We all know within ourselves what needs to change and the horses show us that. In this program, clients are less defensive, and more apt to change, because the change comes from seeing it through, and talking through/about, the horse. Horses are prey animals just like people and so horses provide a realistic mirror of us. Horses can also hear our heart beat. Tara has found this truth in both humans and horses "When either horse or human exhibits 'negative behavior', which is really a natural defense mechanism to stress/pressure, there is fear from the lack of control in their environment. Therefore the 'negative behavior' is a gauge that indicates a horse or humans level of felt pressure and stress in their life. Examples of negative behavior are Anxiety and Anger in humans and bucking, rearing and pawing in horses."

Sessions are one hour long to include time with the horse and time to reflect, discuss what happened with the horse. Cost is $150 for private sessions. Arena is closed off to visitors so that the environment is safe and secure for the client during the session.

The Child Protection Agency, Government of MB, has approved equine therapy as a form of therapy for their clients!