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Tara thoroughly enjoys teaching and watching people and horses improve allowing for improved communication between horse and rider. There is also the thrill of learning something new that tests your abilities as a horse and rider team.

Tara is available to teach a clinic at your location on a topic of your choice. Some clinic suggestions are:

Learn how to show and improve your placings at a General Performance Show Clinic. Click here for the 2019 clinic that Cloud 9 Ranch is hosting so you can attend!

Learn how to ride and communicate to your horse in a way that makes sense to them and gain respect through trust - making your time together more enjoyable for both parties, in a Partnership Clinic. Valuable information on how the horse's brain works!

Learn how to improve rider balance, strengthen muscles, develop rhythm and enjoy the back of a horse in a whole new way, regardless of your age, in a Vaulting Clinic.

Learn how to earn respect on the ground and stay safe, while maintaining the friendship and bonding we all desire with our horse, in a Ground Manners Clinic.

Learn specific events like Trail, Showmanship, Reining, Jumping, Barrel Racing, etc. in a Events Clinic.

Learn how to host a show including which classes to include, how to efficiently keep the show moving, jobs of the volunteers, etc. in a Show Host Clinic.

Learn how to teach Safer, More Effective and Enjoyable lessons to students, whether private or group, in a Teaching Skills Clinic.

Tara presenting at Horse 3 2008-2016.

Tara, in front of Mount Diablo in California, taking a moment to enjoy one of Castle Rock's Arabians during a CHA clinic in June 2012 that Tara certified instructors at.